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Exclusive Edible Art Courses

We provide varies of edible art courses, students can develop skills of which you are interested in.
Starting from beginner classes to enjoy the fun of making cake art, building strong foundation for defined skills, then go for professional certificates if you would like to become an instructor and start your own brand.

Choose from below to see how your routes in becoming a skilled cake art designer.

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Flower Piping
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Japanese Wagashi
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Wafer Paper Flower

Edible flower piping skills are being popular these days, with exquisite technique in piping with different materials, mostly known by buttercream, fresh cream, bean cream and chocolate paste.

Bean cream is recommended for students without any experience. Easily prepared and controlled, and without specific temperature requirements. 

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Korea Style Flower Piping


Japanese Nerikiri Wagashi

Nerikiri Wagashi is a kind of Japanese traditional dessert, with seasonal themes, the designs usually are of natural landscapes, plants or animals.

Reduced sweetness in new recipes, to go with traditional Matcha or black tea in serving guests.


Wafer Paper Flower

Edible flowers made with wafer paper is a new trend of flower art in cake industry. Sugar flowers are usually used for wedding cake decorations. Wafer paper are much thinner and make flowers more realistic.

Dusty and vintage colors gives the natural look of flowers and leafs. Easily preserved.

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