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About Us

We started to design for perfection since 2017, aiming to "Make Your Art Edible” , spreading handcraft dessert culture in Hong Kong.


We love to create and design for uniqueness. Our vintage coloring and exquisite technique has become our signature style. 


Completely handcrafted with natural food dyes and butter-free ingredients, we use Korean white bean paste as a substitute for ordinary buttercream when creating their cupcake toppings. Floral elements serve as the main inspiration for the decoration process and ephemeral vintage colour palettes complete these gorgeous desserts.

Founder - Gloria

- PME SugarFlower & Sugarpaste Professional Diploma

- KFA Flower Cake Design Master

- KCDA Professional Licensed Instructor

- Korea Flower Cake Master Level I & II

- JSA Nerikiri Art Instructor和菓子藝術認證導師

- 和菓子研究社製菓達人研習證書

- 和菓子研究社製菓達人研習營師資證書

- Hong Kong Culinary Academy Certificate in European Desserts

- HKHFAA Sculpture Painting Flower Professional Certificate

- HKHFAA Sculpture Painting Flower Postgraduate Certificate

- DFA Certificate in Professional Florist Practice

- SCA Sensory Foundation Certificate

- SCA Barrister Foundation Certificate

- SCA Brewing Foundation Certificate


Senior Instructor - Eva

Senior Instructor – Eva

- KCDA Professional Licensed Instructor

- KCDA Flower Cake Master Level I & II

- JSA Nerikiri Art Instructor

- Advanced Wagashi Art Certificate

- Professional Needle Art Wagashi Certificate

- Hong Kong Culinary Academy Certificate in European


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