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Make Your Art Edible
Since 2017

Flower Piping


Japanese Wagashi


Wafer Paper Flower


About Us

Our handcrafts aim to "Make Your Art Edible” , design for uniqueness. With vintage color pantone, present in elegant and creative styles.


Completely handcrafted with natural food dyes and butter-free ingredients, we use Korean white bean paste as a substitute for ordinary buttercream when creating their cupcake toppings. Floral elements serve as the main inspiration for the decoration process and ephemeral pastel colour palettes complete these gorgeous desserts.

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Butter-Free Products

Introducing white bean paste toppings,substitution for ordinary buttercream

With LESS SUGAR and BUTTER FREE content,healthier choice to have a bigger bite.


Natural food dyes for coloring imported directly from Korea, soft and vintage coloring

Make Your Art Edible

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